"SELAMAT DATANG"

"Welcome" to Bamboo Shoots Cooking School located at the Sanur Beach Villas in beautiful Sanur Bali.

Your Indonesian cooking experence is about to begin. Here you will see at first hand the unique Balinese culture and experience something different on the island through a traditional cooking experience.  You will learn about Balinese and Indonesian spices and have a great opportunity to cook authentic Indonesian cuisine and delicious Indonesian dishes.  

The program will start when we pick you up from your hotel at 7am, then its off for a visit to a local village market, here you will explore and experience the life of the Balinese and where we will buy the ingredients necessary for the meals you are about to cook including: garden fresh herbs, spices, fruit and vegetables. While there we will also choose from fresh cuts of meat and chicken.

After visiting the market we drive back to Sanur Beach Villas and the Bamboo Shoots Cooking School where your cooking  experience will begin but not before we tempt your taste buds with breakfast of coffee/tea and fresh fruit juice followed by a banana pancake with honey or an omlette or maybe some scrabbled eggs. You can join in with the cooking of these or just sit back for a chat and relax and get to know the other cooking school guests.

Then on with the aprons....."LETS WOK"



Phone:  +6281237728574 

Local:       081237728574

Email: bambooshootsbali@hotmail.com


450,000Rp per/person

FREE pick up in the Sanur area or Rp200,000 per vehicle from Kuta, Legian, Seminyak and Rp300,000 from Nusa Dua. Other areas by arrangement.

                        SAMPLE COOKING SCHOOL MENU


At the Bamboo Shoots Cooking School you will learn to cook many recipes of traditional Balinese and Indonesian dishes. We change our menu regularly so even if you have done the school before let us know and we will make sure that we teach you to make something different.

Some of the dishes* we may cook at the School during the day include :
NASI KUNING (yellow rice)
NASI GORENG BALINESE (balinese fried rice)
BASE WANGEN (chicken spiced paste)
BASE BE PASIH (seafood paste)
BASE GEDE (basic spice paste)
SAMBEL EMBA (fried chilies, shallot & garlic)
BABI KECAP (pork in sweet soya sauce)
SIAP BETUTU (roasted chicken in banana leaf)
SATE AYAM (chicken sate)
SATE CELENG (pork sate)
SATE LILIT (fish sate on lemon grass)
BEREGEDEL (fried fish cake)
PESAN BE PASIH (fish in banana leaf)
TUM CELENG (minced pork in banana leaf)
LAWAR GEDANG (green papaya salad)
GADO-GADO (vegetables in peanut sauce)
LAK LAK (small balinese pancake)
BUBUH INJIN (black rice pudding)
AYAM SAMBEL BEJEK (chicken with chillies,
shallot & lemon grass)
*NOTE: Seasonal vegetables & fruits may not
allow some dishes to be presented.

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